Sir Christopher lee.

I was only about 3 years old in 1958 and one night i couldn’t sleep i heard the TV was on and my father was watching it early hours of the morning around about 1am i suppose and the Dracula film of 1958 starring Sir Christopher lee was just getting started, my father isn’t a fan of macabre filmsĀ  as this was the first time i saw one, i watched it and my father told me afterwards don’t tell your mother has she hates macabre films and i hope you do not get bad dreams well i didn’t. i got older and watched more of Sir Christopher lee films in which i also enjoyed watching Peter Cushing, i throught these 2 actors are wonderful so i began to collect there films on DVD and also collect Sir Christopher lee singing on CD.I was very sad when Peter Cushing died and also on Christopher’s death it was a shock, i miss them dearly. recently i am collecting photos of them some are signed and some aren’t also there autobiograph books and only books of theres, i only have Christopher’s book signed., the DVD film collection of there’s is increasing i have 169 films so far.I just finished last year of 2017 a book for Christopher and Peter, i have never met them but i have seen and spoken to Christopher when he was a spirit.

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